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12 November 2009 - Russia's largest broadband Internet provider Comstar-UTS has chosen MiriATE, the industry-leading set-top box testing system from Mirifice, for all its future IPTV service and set-top box deployments. MiriATE is an automated testing system, enabling Comstar to achieve far superior results in the reliability and robustness of both its IPTV services and set-top boxes. This is achieved by enabling an increased volume and depth of testing. Victor Belov, Director of Business Development, Service Platforms and Networks, at Comstar-UTS, says " MiriATE will allow Comstar-UTS to track the state of subscriber set-top boxes in order to update the software on time and ensure that services work correctly. MiriATE in combination with MiriMON, which was introduced by Comstar-UTS in 2008 for real-time monitoring of service quality and customer service levels, wil... (more)

More biomech stuff - building environment

Another set of updates for the biomech creature. Got more work done with finishing up the mesh and adding textures. From 3D 2012 From 3D 2012 Turntable: Textures From 3D 2012 and rendering in Houdini: From 3D 2012 From 3D 2012 Video - animated in messiah, rendered in Houdini, post in AE: Internals of the head - the brainbox: From 3D 2012 From 3D 2012 From 3D 2012 Room environment WIP, modo rendering, just clay model for now From 3D 2012 From 3D 2012 From 3D 2012 From 3D 2012 From 3D 2012 Some volumetric light and fog, just for kicks... From 3D 2012 Another environment shot, rendered in houdini with custom fog From 3D 2012 ... (more)

[Video] You Can't Lose With This Old-Time Sales Tip

If I could show you a way to increase your lifetime income by over $1 million dollars, would you be interested? How about if I could show you a way to live 9 years longer and be healthier at the same time? Would that capture your attention? I know those are old-time sales questions – and I’m not trying to set you up. There really is a simple way to make all that a reality. Be happy! Be happy with who you are and with what you already have. According to Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason, “Your success won’t make you happy. Your happiness will make you successful.” And you know what? Research supports this statement. Why am I telling you this? Because so many people have it backwards. They think they’ll be happy when they make $150,000 – yet when they do, it’s not sufficient. They think they’ll be happy when they drive the BMW – yet their happiness is shor... (more)

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – December 25, 2013

Instagram recently unveiled Instagram Direct: a new feature that lets you privately share your photos and videos in chat-like messages. But what happens if you sent someone the wrong photo… or a photo to the wrong person? Don’t worry – there’s a way to take back that direct photo message you didn’t mean to send, but you have to think fast. If you want to take back a photo or video you sent someone, click the ellipses next to the box where you can add comments. That tap pops up a prompt to take back the message. Click “Delete this post,” then click “Delete” again to confirm you want to get rid of it. After doing this, the photo will disappear from your outbox, but it will still stay on your phone. You can take back a message as long as the recipient hasn’t opened it yet. If you see a green check mark on the photo, that means they saw the message – and it’s too late... (more)

Dhoom 3: Road Rash the movie

For a movie that’s made up holes held together by what passes for slivers of a story, I won’t bother digging deeper. However, the opening chase sequence (and most subsequent bike chases) did make me nostalgic for the video game Road Rash. If you have played it, you know what I mean, and if you haven’t here’re a few screenshots to illustrate the point. With that out of the way, it was quite fun to see the Indian incarnation of Aquafina bottles on the meeting room tables in Chicago (US versions here). Then of course there was the climax which turned out to be a jazzed up Mountain Dew ad. Not really surprising given the starring role it played in the bonding scenes in the amusement park. Last but not the least – “Et tu Aamir?” Then again, he has done this to help out his brother. So, if you are planning to watch or have watched Dhoom 3, recall Aamir Khan’s advice from... (more)

New Direct Response Real Estate Investor Websites Define Success in Real Estate Investing

Plano, TX, December 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A real estate investing company that also builds real estate investor websites, www.RealEstateInvestorsWebsites.net, has rolled out new designs and upgraded features aimed at direct response targeted marketing. Real estate investors are now able to attract more visitors to their websites, and convert them to closed real estate deals. The websites are carefully designed to provide a real life friendly experience to visitors, especially motivated sellers. They are created to appeal to their needs and offer simply accessible solutions to what they are looking for. The element of trust created by the websites, provide a level of confidence that compels visitors to take specific action, such as provide their house information. It takes only 20 seconds to capture the attention of website visitors or lose them for ever. Each websit... (more)

How to lockdown your Android tablets to play only allowed videos?

Applies to: Product SureVideo Platform Android There are times when you want to set up a product demo kiosk in a mall or an interactive kiosk for your visitors at a Trade Fair. It becomes very important to deliver your statement in an interesting and engaging way. And what can work better than a kiosk which plays your videos? For an ideal kiosk which plays videos, you need:  Locked device to play videos of your choice  Compact and Manageable Kiosk Device  Easy Installation and Configuration  User Friendly  Low Maintenance Android Device and SureVideo = Locked Android tablets which play only allowed videos SureVideo allows you to lock your Android device to plays videos of your choice and nothing else. Install SureVideo in your Android device, access its settings, select videos you want to play in the lockdown mode and your device is all ready to be set up as video ... (more)

Because it's Friday: Illusions sell

The marketers at Honda clearly wanted people to think this CR-V ad was so cool, that they had to share it. Well, they got me:   All of these illusions employ forced perspective, the same technique used in the Lord of the Rings movies to make the Hobbits appear tiny compared to Men, using similarly-sized actors. They are also beautifully executed (note how the fake shadows align perfectly with the sun's shadow in 'Bollards'). You can see how the illusions were made in the making-of video, but it's largely redundant, since the beauty of the commercial is that it reveals most tricks with a change in perspective. Check out the construction for "Doorway" and "Arches", though — it's quite impressive! ... (more)

CES 2014: Looking at the Future Through the Lens of Today

The 2014 International CES (January 7-10 in Las Vegas) kicks off in a little more than a week. We’ve seen tons of great new tech in the past year, and we’re about to see a whole new wave of what’s going to dominate 2014. Whether you’re heading to Las Vegas with me or following the show at home, here’s what to keep an eye out for. Wearables are here. We’re becoming exo-digitally enhanced humans and we’re incorporating our digital world more and more into our physical world. Through gadgets like Galaxy Gear and Google Glass, we’re never more than a gesture away from accessing anything we want in the digital world. And with rumors that both LG and Samsung are working on fitness trackers, this trend is only going to get bigger. Wearables are no longer the future; they are the present, and every company wants a piece of that pie. Speaking of pie (and fitness trackers)…... (more)

Vine Now Lets You Browse Your Feed Online at Vine.co

On Friday, Twitter’s Vine has announced full web profiles for all of its users, something it has lacked until this point. It has also introduced a new TV Mode that lets you watch videos in full screen on your computer. You can view videos, browse users’ back catalogue and interact with them on the web. This includes viewing your home feed, liking, commenting and sharing videos. The profiles are roughly similar to those offered by other social services like Instagram, and should offer easier browsing of multiple Vines on the web. Previously, you could look at one video at a time but there was no way to jump from that video directly to a user’s other work on the web — but you could on the mobile app. This strikes us as a move made to support Vine creators — the segment of the app’s users that have made a craft out of the six-second clips. Read the full story at TechC... (more)

FLM.TV Launches New Social TV "Changing Entertainment Forever"

Las Vegas, NV, January 04, 2014 --(PR.com)-- FLM.TV today announced its Interactive Social TV site will be conducting live demonstrations at Startup Debut during CES® 2014 on Sunday, January 5, from 7-10 pm at Cili Restaurant, 5160 Las Vegas Boulevard South, an events facility on the Bali Hai Golf Course, two blocks south of Mandalay Bay. FLM.TV focuses on automating the entire entertainment delivery and viewing experience. By giving producers and filmmakers a way to self-program and distribute their branded films, FLM.TV can deliver a new kind of uniquely branded Social TV entertainment programming experience for film viewers in a social and viral environment. “Our new Social TV is designed to integrate social media and other interactive applications that are often used by viewers, bringing their lifestyle closer to their entertainment,” stated Diane Bernard, Founder... (more)

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Dion Hinchcliffe is an internationally recognized digital expert, bestselling book author, frequent keynote speaker, analyst, futurist, and transformation expert based in Washington, DC. He is currently Chief Strategy Officer at the industry-leading digital strategy and online community solutions firm, 7Summits.
Digital Transformation is much more than a buzzword. The radical shift to digital mechanisms for almost every process is evident across all industries and verticals. This is often especially true in financial services, where the legacy environment is many times unable to keep up with the rapidly shifting demands of the consumer. The constant pressure to provide complete, omnichannel delivery of customer-facing solutions to meet both regulatory and customer demands is putting enormous pressure on...
IoT is rapidly becoming mainstream as more and more investments are made into the platforms and technology. As this movement continues to expand and gain momentum it creates a massive wall of noise that can be difficult to sift through. Unfortunately, this inevitably makes IoT less approachable for people to get started with and can hamper efforts to integrate this key technology into your own portfolio. There are so many connected products already in place today with many hundreds more on the h...
The standardization of container runtimes and images has sparked the creation of an almost overwhelming number of new open source projects that build on and otherwise work with these specifications. Of course, there's Kubernetes, which orchestrates and manages collections of containers. It was one of the first and best-known examples of projects that make containers truly useful for production use. However, more recently, the container ecosystem has truly exploded. A service mesh like Istio addr...
Digital Transformation: Preparing Cloud & IoT Security for the Age of Artificial Intelligence. As automation and artificial intelligence (AI) power solution development and delivery, many businesses need to build backend cloud capabilities. Well-poised organizations, marketing smart devices with AI and BlockChain capabilities prepare to refine compliance and regulatory capabilities in 2018. Volumes of health, financial, technical and privacy data, along with tightening compliance requirements by...
Charles Araujo is an industry analyst, internationally recognized authority on the Digital Enterprise and author of The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change. As Principal Analyst with Intellyx, he writes, speaks and advises organizations on how to navigate through this time of disruption. He is also the founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation and a sought after keynote speaker. He has been a regular contributor to both InformationWeek and CIO Insight...
Andrew Keys is Co-Founder of ConsenSys Enterprise. He comes to ConsenSys Enterprise with capital markets, technology and entrepreneurial experience. Previously, he worked for UBS investment bank in equities analysis. Later, he was responsible for the creation and distribution of life settlement products to hedge funds and investment banks. After, he co-founded a revenue cycle management company where he learned about Bitcoin and eventually Ethereal. Andrew's role at ConsenSys Enterprise is a mul...
To Really Work for Enterprises, MultiCloud Adoption Requires Far Better and Inclusive Cloud Monitoring and Cost Management … But How? Overwhelmingly, even as enterprises have adopted cloud computing and are expanding to multi-cloud computing, IT leaders remain concerned about how to monitor, manage and control costs across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. It’s clear that traditional IT monitoring and management approaches, designed after all for on-premises data centers, are falling short in ...
In his general session at 19th Cloud Expo, Manish Dixit, VP of Product and Engineering at Dice, discussed how Dice leverages data insights and tools to help both tech professionals and recruiters better understand how skills relate to each other and which skills are in high demand using interactive visualizations and salary indicator tools to maximize earning potential. Manish Dixit is VP of Product and Engineering at Dice. As the leader of the Product, Engineering and Data Sciences team at D...
Dynatrace is an application performance management software company with products for the information technology departments and digital business owners of medium and large businesses. Building the Future of Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence. Today we can collect lots and lots of performance data. We build beautiful dashboards and even have fancy query languages to access and transform the data. Still performance data is a secret language only a couple of people understand. The more busine...